When God anwer the pray

Dear God…

I am…

Who’s there?

I am your God…

It’s not funny. I’m praying. Who’s there. Show yourself.

I’m not make a fun. It’s really Me. I am your God.

Whover you are. Don’t disturb me. Let me finish my pray.

I don’t disturb you. I answer your pray. I am your God. I have told you three times. And you don’t belive Me. Why do you still pray even you don’t believe Me. It’s really Me.

Is it a joke?

Do you think God is joking?

I ask again. Who are you?

I told you again. I am your God. Don’t you belive in Me? Or you don’t belive in Me at all, even you always pray in My name?

How can I believe you are really God?

Ok, I can make a conclusion that you don’t belive me at all. Shall I show myself to you like I showed Myself to Thomas?

Do you really God?

Do I have to answer it for the fifth time? What is God in your head? Don’t you think I can answer your pray and I can speak to you directly? It’s just too easy for Me.

… to be continued…


When God suddenly interrup our pray and answer it, what will we react? Will we reject Him, and pretend don’t hear His voice, don’t believe He can do answer us directly?


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