When God answer the pray 2

Ok, ok I believe You are really God

I know you don’t

What? How could You say like that?

I know because I’m God. I know that you are not really believe in Me.

What do You mean? I said I believe in You.

No you don’t. If You believe in Me, you will simple just do what I want you to do. The fact that you try to make everything by yourself proved that You didn’t and won’t believe in Me.

So what do You want? It seems like You criticize me.

I want you lean to Me. Just like a kid lean to his parents. You can come to Me, bring your problems, your life in front of Me. And don’t you think I can solve your problem, do you?

Well, I think so…

You don’t and you totally doubt Me. I know you grab your matters from yourself. And the fact that you don’t let Me handle your life proved that you don’t think I can make it for you.

Ok, ok, I give up. You are right. I can’t believe in You 100%. I just don’t know how to make it. I wanna let You handle everything, but in fact, I can’t. I know it’s fool. I know that actually I haven’t believed in You. In some matters, I prefer handle them by myself.

When will you lean to Me?

I don’t know. The fact that I can’t just bothering me. I know it’s easy to say with my lips but it’s hard for my heart and my mind.

Well, actually it can be helped. I can’t force you if you don’t want. I’ve given you freewill. So it’s up to you.

I just worry. I’m afraid that everything turns bad. I just want to make sure everything goes on correctly.

Hahaha… Why do you burden yourself? It’s not you job. It’s my job. First step to believe in Me is no worry, fear not. Stop being god. I’m God, and I will make sure everything goes on according to My will. Your part is follow My will and obey it.

I know You are God and the universe is Yours. Nothing imposible for You. Even so,  it’s still hard enough for me, but I think I can try to believe in You.

Just lean to Me, give your worry to Me, let me handle your live and you will see how can I make your life beautiful.

Thanks God…


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