When i speak to myself

I’m fool…

I think I know everything, but in reality I know nothing…

I even don’t know how to make the others happy…

I pretend to be clever and know everything but I’m not…

I’m just nothing, I can’t do anything, I’m nobody..

I don’t know how to make myself realize who am I..

Who am I?

Who am I?

 I even don’t get the answer..

I feel empty…

What can I do?

How can I be?

What should I be?

Why I’m exist?

What is the meaning of my existence?

Am I something, or nothing?

So many things that I can’t answer..


So who are you exactly?

Do you have the answers?


Yes I do.

Follow me and I will show you the way, the way that you’re looking for.


Fear of God is the beginning of wisdom…

It’ll open the door to wisdom…


Believe Me…

Trust Me…

And you’ll see…


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