When God answer the pray 3

God, may I ask You an question?

Ask Me and I will answer it.

God, why You take him? Why You let him go so fast? I still need him. I think You are heartless.

Am not I who present him to you? Am not I who let him cheers your days? Now why do you complaint Me?

But I think it’s unfair. You take him away from me.

Do you? Do you think he is yours? Do you forgot that everything is mine? I who give him to you as your friend, so I have a right to take him from you too.

You think I’m heartless because I take him. But it’s a mercy of Me when I let you know him. Your friendship is a gift, when I let both of you be friends.

Let me remind you, you born naked. You brought nothing when you got out from your mother womb. You have nothing. It’s Me who give you everything you have now. Even your breath is given by Me. So do you still I’m so cruel?

I think it’s you who are heartless, because you want to get him for yourself. It’s seems you know what is good for him, so you want to be the ruler.

But he’s still very young. How about his family, his dream, his future? He should have many thing to be done…

It’s what do you think, not what do I think. I don’t think what do you think. My mind is so far away from yours. You have to believe Me, for it had to be happened for everyone sake, for your sake, his sake and their sake. do it for your sake, for his sake.

How can You said it’s for my sake but You took him?

You always think it’s for you. Everything is for you. It’s look like you are the center of universe. You always think what is good for you, what is fair according to you, but you don’t know the whole world. Even you have no idea what will the things gonna work, what do you think is good according to you sometimes won’t be good for the others.

Maybe you think it’s good for you because you think it’s good, but you don’t know which one is actually good for you. Sometimes what do you think good is not good indeed.

I know it God… I know… but deep in my heart it’s hard for me to accept it…  God, why did You take him and left the pain for me?

Do you think I’m happy when I saw they cried for him? Do you think I’m not grieve for him? I feel their pains, your pain. I don’t want everyone get sad.

You should know that you’ll find comfort in Me. Just let it go, you don’t have to keep it… Let me take your pain, your sadness, your grieve… It’s Me who create that emotion, it’s Me who will hadle it. Give yours to Me, and let Me comfort you.

When you are sad, it doesn’t mean I don’t feel sorry. I know deeper than you, I feel more pain than you. Do you have any idea about My feeling?

It’s Me who create you in My image. I give you such emotion so You can feel what I feel. It’s not like I make you can feel sad or pain because I want to burden you with such feelings. I just want you know how My feeling towards you, towards my creation.  

It’s just somehow I can’t get understand…

It’s ok. I don’t want you to be understand. I want you to be honest to Me and trust Me…


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