Give us our daily food…

I’m sorry for my poor English. Well, I try to write in English but I think it’s not good enough.

God never tought us praying for asking abundant food, luxurious house and expensive cars. But why people ask for them in their pray? Honestly,  it’s true that even I want a fine live, and if it’s possible I want a luxurious live. I think everyone wants to have a luxurius live, rich, and popular. It’s a view of life in this age.

Let’s think about success. What is success? Who is the success people? When we say about success, it means we say about people who are rich and famous. I think it’s identical with wordly wealth. And I think it’s a reality. What are people think success is drived them to legally did everything what they could do to get it, i mean to get wealth and fame. Money was be the goal of life.

Well, for me, success means i can do what must I do in my life, what have i to do to fulfill my purpose of life. I will be what i created to. I think everything has a certain purpose. It’s like I use pencil to write or eraser to erase a mistake . If a pencil can’t be used to write, we not need to buy it. Just throw it away. Same with us, the people. There are so many of us, and i think each of us has a specific purpose and role in this world. I think if a man is choosen to be an employer, it means there are the others thats determine to be employees. If everyone wants to be an employer, who will be the employees? It means neither we be an employer or employee, we are success as long as we fulfill our purpose of life and do the role that God determined for us.

Money, fame and wealth have been the measurement of success that lead people to leave the purpose of life. We are racing for wealth. A beautiful concept says money is not a goal, money is an instrument. When money used as a tool, it means there is something that more precious than the money itself, and we will use money wisely to get our final goal, that is absolutely not money.

Back to the pray, God taught us for asking our daily food. Why God didn’t tought us to ask for our weekly food, or monthly food? Because God wants us to pray daily. When we pray for our weekly food or monthly food, it means we pray once a week, or once a month. We need not pray everday. The truth is God wants us, the people always lean on Him, that our source of life we get only from Him.

It’s a lesson for us. Many of my friends say that I am so frugal. Well, I think I have to save my money for future. Back to our topic, it’s true that God has already guaranted our food,mour life. He will provide us a fine life, not less or more. The problem is, will us think that our life is enough for us?


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