When I read my friend’s note somewhile ago, it was about life, about how life goes on, it made me wanted to write again the about life in English. I’ve written about it befor in Bahasa, but now I’m writing a little part about life.

I do believe that you have already thought about your life, maybe about what is the purpose of your life, what will you gonna be, or what is God’s plan for your life. I think it’s common. It’s not strange. But how can you find the answers of all your question about life? When will you get them? I belive as ling as we live in this world, we will always searcing the answer for our question about life.

Maybe some of you have already find the answer, or think that you’ve know what will your life drive you to. But I think most of us don’t really get it. Now, I wanna you to take a few time to stop thinking or searching. Just stop. Get outside, fell the sunshine touch your skin, breath the fresh air, listen the song of the birds. Take a walk for a moment to your neighbourghood. See whatever your eyes can can see, smell everthing your nose can smell, listen each voice that your ears can cacth.

Have you ever realized how beautiful this world is, how beautiful your life is? I want to say instead of trying to find the purpose of your life, it’s better to enjoy your life right now. Maybe now you don’t know what is the purpose of your life, or not yet find it, it’s ok. Don’t let it bothers you. I believe you will find it somedays, at the right time, as long as you keep to search.  God will reveal it on the right time, when you are ready. Remember how Moses took fourty years life in the desert before Lord called him to lead the Israelites went out from Egypt, or David’s struggled in his hideout for sometimes before he became second King of Israel, and don’t forget Joseph suffered in the jail for sometimes before the chief cupbearer remembered about him.

But now, just take your time to enjoy your life. Think it’s about enjoy the art performance, take an example when we watch the dance performance. Maybe we can’t get what the story or what the show want to tell us about, but even we can’t get the story, we still can enjoy the show, we still can catch the dancers dancing and maybe it’s ok if we can’t get the story, we just enjoy see the dancers dancing.  It’s similar with our life. Just enjoy your life, and get happy, have a grateful heart for your life.


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