These are a short messages between Leo with his friends, Olive, Vera and Edo in their BBM group.

L    : Guys, I watched Japan movie and somehow I feel jealous with their live. I wanna be live like the movie I watched. I wanna be someone like the character in that movie. I think it’s cool, and it’s awesome live in Japan, go to the beach at summer break and make snowman in winter season, and then there are also some festivals. Look at my life here, what is good with it?

O   :  Hahaha… if it’s what you want, why don’t you move there?

V   : Well, I think here we have some festival too, like Pekan Raya Jakarta…

L    : But it’s not cool…

E    :  Don’t complain Leo. Be grateful with your life. You have no idea about their life, and maybe indeed they are actually love not their life too…

O   : Wow, Edo, you speak so loud =)  but I’m agree with you. Leon, what makes you think like that?

L    : Yeah, I just get tired with my ordinary life. You know me. I’m not handsome, not rich, and I think my life is totally boring…

V   : Don’t compare yourself with others Leo, each of us is unique and we have our personality as who I am. You are you. And you have some great things. Think bout your grades in school. You are smart…

E    : And you’re kind…

O   : You are a good friend too… I think Edo and Vera agree with me.

V   : Of course we agree with you,  Olive.

E    : Have you ever imagined that the people you envy maybe were envy you too? So stop complain. Nobody perfect. Accept your life and live it! You should know yourself better…

O   : Oh and I think accpeting your life doesn’t mean you totally love it, but still you can make yourself enjoy it…

V   : Thus, that movie only two hours, I think they record something good to be showed, but if you consider it in your daily live, I think it will end like your life now. I remind you, it’s just a movie that have short time, not an evelasting life.  And the character is created by the movie maker so it’s not real.

O   : 100 points for Vera. Leo, if you born there, there in no guarantee if you will satisfy with your life there. We know, human never feel enough and never get satisfy with what they have.

E    : Guys and girls, we talked much here, but Leo is response not. Leo, where are you???

V   : Don’t tell me he just ignored us.

O   :  Leo, I’ll kill you if you don’t show yourself!

L    : Sorry guys, I just watched the stars in the dark night sky. Well, it reminded me when I was little I used to watch stars on my rooftoop. I’ve forgot about how beautiful my life goes on. Hahaha… If I born in Japan maybe right now I am not having chat with you guys… Thanks for being my friends…


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