When God answer the pray 4

God, I don’t want to grow up. As I get older, I know more about many things, both the good and bad ones. God, can’t I keep be a kids forever?

My son, it’s the consequence of live. You will know more and learn more. You can’t be a kid forever. Maturity means you can differ the good things and not.

But as long as I grow up, I feel the hardness of this life. My eyes open and I see many things, the things different from what I knew.

That’s how life goes on. Yo grow older that’s mean you eat not porridge anymore, but you taste rice and many kind of food. Some of them is delicius to be eaten but other give a bitter taste on your tongue. You know, as long as you grow older, you will see many things and learn more.

Oh God, can’t I stay as an infant and keep know nothing?

I created you not to be an infant, but to be an adult, a mature man. And it means you will grow up, facing hardness and learn from it. If you don’t face it you will learn nothing.

But God, why I only feel despair? I realize that this life only bring me hardness, sadness, why God you let me feel it and not protect me from the cruel world?

My son, You always ask Me and I gladly answer your qoestions, listen your quarrels, even receive your protests. But it’s you who do it, you do keep an eyes on your current life. Now, let Me ask you, why you did those things? You know what I mean, right.

I… just looking for something. I’m curious.

What are you looking for?

I… I don’t know… That’s why God I feel empty, I’m looking for something but in the end I get nothing.

Why do you do it?

I… I want to know… I want to satisfy my desire.

That’s My point… You know you yourself who choose what you did and you did not. I’ve ordered You to do what you should do and what you shouldn’t do.

But God, You can protect me, can’t you? You can keep me away from these pain, can’t you? But why You still let me feel it?

I’ve told you son, it’s you who choose. I won’t put you in my golden cage. I don’t want you to be robot, only doing what I want without having any desire. Tha’ts why I give you freewill.

But You can stay away the things that can hurt me. You can put them away from me, or You can throw them…

My son, you know I will not give you stone to be eatten instead of bread. But even I provide you bread, you choose to look for stone and want to taste it. I’ve warned you that it can destroy your teeth but you didn’t listen to Me. So I let you to taste it beacuse I want you to learn the consequences of your choose. But what’s happened? Even you know eating stone can destroy your teeth, you still do it and do it again. What should I do? I’m sad when I see you cry because your teeth broken, and I even sadder because you continue do it.

God, how can I release it and can feel happines?

You know the answer. Come to Me and follow Me. Your life isn’t totally painful, but when you choose to life apart from Me, the pain begins…

God I want to do Your command but even I try, I…

That’s why you have to learn. Walk with Me is an everlasting procces, and you have to be processed for your life. It’s your choice to choose Me or left Me…


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