My experience in COP

Well, I wanna share my thought about my experience when I had COP – Community Outreach Program – it is an international program that hold by my college. I got many friends from Korea, Japan, India, even Holland. We sent to the village and had sosial service for the villagers. The point that I want to share is when I met people from different nations directly, I realized how small am I in this world. I imagined my friends had their daily life, took their routines activities, they waked up in the morning, had school, then hanged out with their friends, even they had dinner with their family. When I thought that many people outside had their own life and somehow their life is not connected with mine, I mean outside of my life circle there still many people live outside, it’s make me realized that I was not the center of this universe. There were so many people outside, in the other part of this world that live in their own way. And for the first time I think I was not alone. Everyone had their live, same with me. People from every nations, they that I knew or I didn’t. I’ve told that this world was so big and each of us was only a small part of this one, but I have never really understood it, until I had this program, COP. It’s open my eyes about my existence and how great, wonderful, and big this world. Who was I, I was nothing, compared with this world and every thing inside. Even without my existence, I thought this life will continue go on. How awesome God created it, this world and every single part of it.


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