When God answer the pray 5

God, I’m scare about my future. What will happened to me?

Why do you scare? Don’t you believe in Me?

Yeah God. I do. But I think this world get more hazardeous days by days. I read the news about poverty, criminalism, war, famine, natural disasters and so many news that make me have no confidence about my future.

Hahaha… that shows you do not believe in Me. I’m God. Everything is OK under My control.

But God, is there any guarantee for me?

What kind of guarantee do you ask? Is My Word not enough for you?

It’s not like that. I just want a sign. Something like that.

So you want a sign that will make you believe in Me?


I told you, that believe come first. Faith comes by believing not by seeing. If you want  sign, have I not given you sign for your ages. Turn your face to the past. As long as you live, didn’t I provide what you need? It’s same with your future. I’ll provide your need in the future. Worry not and fear not as long as you believe in Me and follow my path.

Now do your live today. Let tomorrow worry for himself. And don’t forget to always give thanks for today because today is the tomorrow you worried yesterday.   

I know that’s not easy God. But I’ll try…


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