“Mom, do you know that next week I will be 17 years old?”

“Of course dear, I am your mother, who give birth you.”

“Mom, can I get a big tart cake for my birthday?”

“Ok dear, I will buy you a big one.”

“And Mom, can I have a birthday party?”

“It’s ok. We will prepare a party for you. You can invite your friends.”

“Thanks Mom. You the great one.”

The day before the kid’s birthday, everything is well prepared. They got their house decorated, and the cake was prepared on the table.

“Mom, can I wear this dress for my birthday tomorrow?” aks the kid while showing a picture of dress.

“No dear.”

“But Mom, I really want this dress for my birthday party?”

“No, I said.”

“Please Mom, please buy me the dress, for this time since tomorrow is my birthday.”

The mother gets angry, “JOHN, I said no! You will never wear a dress!”

Maybe you are laugh now. Well, it’s a joke. But think bout it, it’s similar with our life. We ask God for many things and sometimes He grants our wish but sometimes He does not, even we keep ask and cry for it, but He still says no. That’s not because He doesn’t love us, but He love us so much that He will not give any things not apt for us. He will give the right one and the best one for us, since He is our God and knows us best.


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