When God answer the pray 6

God, I can’t stand againts my life. It’s too heavy. I’m exhaousted. God, why You don’t create a lighter life for me?

My girl, it’s not Me who created a heavy life but it’s you who make yourself a heavy life.

What do Yoe mean, God?

Look at yourself, you carry so many bags on your hands. Put them off so you will not bring heavy burden.

But God, I can’t. Those bags are so important for me. How can I let them off.

Handle Me those bags, let Me carry them for You.

Oh God, I can’t.

Don’t you believe in Me?

Ok God. I’ll let You bring this bag. Here God, please carry my bag of job. It’s very important for me.

I know girl. But, you still bring too much bags. Give me another ones.

God, I can’t. I must carry these bags on my hands.

But you know you can’t, can you?

Ok God, it’s still too heavy for me. I’ll give this bag of family to You. Please carry my husband and my kids for me.

I had, always and will. Don’t you think to handle the last one to Me too?

No God. Not this one. I can’t. This is bag of my future and my dreams. I can’t let anyone but me bring it.

Girl, don’t your hands get tired bring it anywhere. Give it to Me. I will take care it for you.

But God, how can I do it?

It’s up to you, wheter you will bring it or let Me carry it. But you know if you bring it on yourself, you will get tired and you can’t stand for it. It’s to heavy for you.

Ok God, please receive this last one. Please carry my future for me.

It’s fine girl, don’t worry. You are exhousted because you keep those bags for yourself, but when you let Me carry them, you can free yourself. Just left everything to Me and I will take care your bags and lead you to best life.


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