about giving…

One day, I asked my friend, whe he always gave donation to the poor? And he said because he still had money, so it’s the chance for giving money to the others, if someday he don’t have money, he won’t be able giving to the poor. Well, it made me thought. It’s absolutely true. But it’s different with most people who think for keeping money for themselves.

Why my friend have that idea? I think he worry not about losing money and he do undertand that his money is not actually his own. It’s God own. Compare to most people who afraid have no money and think that it’s their money. It obstructs people for giving money to the poor, because their egoism and they only think about theirselves.

Well, I really admire with the view point of my friend. Somehow I believe that God will prepare our daily food, our enough daily food.    

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