What’s the important…

My friend ask me : What is the most important thing in your activities, your family, your job, even your minitry?

Well, it’s a simple question but it takes many minutes for me thinking it. What is the most important one? Anyway, I don’t really know and understand what is the most important, not the importants but the most one.

I know there are so many possible good answers, for example I do it for God’s sake, or I do it in the name of God, or I have certain purpose in my life. But I think it’s nonsense. In spite od foing it for God, it seems like I doing it for my self. Honestly, I even don’t know what the most important. For me, I just do what I can do and what I want to do.

I mean, I do know there is God’s will and His plan in my life and I know it’s important to fulfill it, but it’s not obviously I know what His will. God doesn’t speak directly to me, but I do realize His will for me. That’s why I try my best to do my daily activities, to become a good man, to give a little impact in this big world. I do have a big dreams for this better world, but I know there is a limit for me, a mere human. So i prefer to do what I can, and what I want to make my dreams come true, even it’s out of my ability, I’ll try the best. I just don’t wanna have any sorrows in the days after because I don’t do while I can do it.

I think that’s the most important one. How bout you?

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