The fair unfair life

I think this life is unfair. Look at the surrounding of yours. There are so many people starving while the others are having abundant food. There are so many people homeless, who sleep under the dark sky, when the others buy the gold dog house for their dogs. Even there are so many righteous people who suffer while the wicked ones are sitting on the thrones and laughing for the ridiculus of goodness.

But when I think again, somehow I believe this unfair life is fair enough for us. God was created us diferently and each of us is unique. I believe He created the condition that support us, even it’s the opposite of what we want, but somehow He support us with strenght for overpowering it. I can’t imagine the poor people that don’t have house, they sleep under the bridge, in the darkness of city shadow, but yet, they still survive. I think if it’s me, I won’t make it, I can’t stand for it.

I can’t understand how can the poor survive. I think my life is hard enough, but their is harder than mine. But yet, God keeps them and feeds them. He’s taking care of them. God’s providing their life. My mind can’t accept it, it’s out of my mind, but my heart keep it. That’s why I said He gives us the unfair life that fair enough for each of us.

I enjoy watching the television program that show the live of poor people. In one episode, it showed widow with a mental illnes son. They were poor, and their life was hard, even harder because of the son. But the mother said, it’s because her son, she keep her spirit of life burnt. Somehow, her unperfect son gave her a life purpose. It was very awesome. I thought somehow God was fair to them, even their life was hard, but God made them could continue their life. I can’t explain my feeling but that’s what I think, and what I feel.

It’s seems like the master who gave his money to his servants, each one was given different sum of money, each one is different, according to their ability. Think bout it, it seems that it’s not fair, because the master gave different sum of money to them, but in the other way, it’s fair enough because each of them was given according to their ability. Problem appreared when we thought it’s unfair and we complained, then we did not do anything for the money. It was ourselves that set our life horrible. Take a look the poor people who were simply grateful bout their simple life, they lived happily even they lacked for money, food and comfortable life. At least, it was what we think, but maybe it’s not what they think. In spite of complaining bout their life and wanting abother life, they simply enjoyed their simple life.

I know maybe this can’t be accepted. I said before, it’s out of my mind. But somehow my heart told me for believing in this life, the perfect unperfect life that  He created, this fair unfair live we face. Still, try to enjoy your unfair life. It feels a bit beautiful when we smile this life.


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