Three things that make a different

My friend asked me : what are three things that will make  big different in your life?

Hmmm, think bout it. What are they. I took a little time for finding the answers.

  1. Be grateful. I always complain about my life, how horrible it was. But when I gave thanks for it, it made a little diffrent. Somehow, my life was not too heavy and it feels a bit more beautiful.
  2. Dare to try. Stop thinking and just do it. I’d many things in my mind that made me afraid for trying. In addition, I’ve no confidence in myself. Sometimes, it’s better just do it and let think latter. And most of my afraid was not happened.
  3. Share and give to others. Giving makes a little different, not only for others but for ourselves too. It remove our position from the center of our universe and let God and other people set the first place in our heart.

That’s my answer, what bout you?


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