Google vs God

“Search it in google”, “Ask Mr. Google”, “Just goggling”, well there are the most answer when I asked my firends about some certain case. Honestly it’s my habit too for looking something or some informations in google, because google can provide the informations that I need. Somehow it was very helpful.

But think again about it, I suddenly realize that google is the first place for looking informations, answers, and when I had some technical problems, for example in my job, I used to search the solution in google. Compare it with my life problem. When I had a problem, God is not the first place I looked for. I prefer asked to my friend and sometomes ask to Mr. Google too. I think it’s very idiot. I was very stupid. I asked to a machine, with no brain, rather than my God, who created me and give my brain.

I is funny , isn’t it? But it’s the reality that we face today. We get along with technology and find it help us so much, so there is no room for God. It’s so tragic. We want try to get indepence but without we realize, we lean to our creation despite of our creator.

Well, that’s a little thing is my mind…

W -卢伟伦- dd


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