Asking 2

“Mom, I want ice cream!” A boy asks his mom, his left hand grabs his mom jacket and the other one points to the ice cream storage. His mother looks him for a moment, maybe she is thinking, but later she smiles and follow her son to take the ice cream.

Seeing it makes me smile too. What happened if the boy didn’t ask for ice cream? His mother will not buy him and he will not get it. I think it’s same with our prayer, when we ask something to God. It is true that God have already prepared the best for us, but I think it’s ok if we ask for something.

I remember when I was a kid, my mom always bought me clothes and she asked me wheter I liked them or not. There was a time when I asked for that clothe, my mom didn’t buy it, but there was another time when my mom buy the ones that I asked.

When God has prepared everything for us, it doesn’t mean He will not consider our will. Of course He will consider it too, don’t forget that God doesn’t create us to be a robot, but a human being that has mind, will, and heart. I think it doesn’t matter for asking Him to grant our wish, but wheter He will or not, it’a a different matter.



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