Dead Sea

Today I wanna write about Dead Sea. I’m sure all of us have already known Dead Sea. It’s known as a sea, hmmm maybe a lake is more appropiate to call it, that has high salinity, even higher than human’s one. That’s why human would float and could’t sink when they swam there. Even there is no life that can’t survive there. No fish or marine plants. Maybe that condition made it called Dead Sea.


But the interesting one is why Dead Sea has a high salinity. Well according to wikipedia, its surface and shores are 427 meters below the sea level, and it is the earth’s lowest elevation. Since it is the lowest place in the earth, so according to the water’s character that moves from the higher place to the lower one, I think it’s no possible for water in Dead Sea for moving to other place, but to evaporate. This logic explains why Dead Sea has a high sailinity.


Think about it, Dead Sea always received water from other lake or river, but it can’t give out the water that it’s received. Water that stay in the same place for a long time and can’t move will have a bad odor and get bad color. Look in your sewer. I think Dead Sea can be compared with our sewer.

When I think about it, it will be same with our life. When we just received but no gave to others, what will we become? I think we will just exist without provide contribution to toher people, our neighboorhood, our world today, and it seems like we live a lifeless life. 


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