Welcome, probem…

In this life, all of us have our own problems. There was a time I think, I wanna run from my problem. Today I got a fight with my brother, not a too-big one I guess, compare with the other that we had before. You know, when I faced my problem, I hoped that it wouldn’t be happened. I hoped it would vanish and I would see it anymore. It’s a stupid thought right. I did realize it when I was watching the movie. When watching movie, I wanted to skip the I don’t wanna see scenes, I mean, the scenes that I don’t like to see because it’s too pain or too hard for me to see them. I just wanted to skip those scenes and hoped that the story gonna be allright.

But when I thought bout it, I thought it would be like the ‘Next’ movie. You know, it’s a movie that the main character has a remote to skip the things that he doesn’t want to do. What’s happened? He loses his life. Everything just flow away and he missed them because he doesn’t want to face them. I think the same things will happen to me when I just run from my life, my problem. While I’m fleeing, my problem is staying there and it’s not vanish. So i just spent my time for fleeing but in the end, I still have to face my problem. You see, fleeing is useless.

So what do i have to? I have no option but to face it and solve it appropriately. It’s my duty, it’s my problem and it’s my life. I belive God will not send me a present of problem if He doesn’t belive in me, if He doesn’t trust my that I can stand for it, and if He doesn’t stay before me, holding my hands and walk with me.  

So i think i will say, “Welcome, problem…”

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