Embrace every moments…


Last night I had a little conversation with my friend. The most interesting part when he pointed to embrace every moments. It meant we had to treasure each moment, every minutes in our life, either they were the enjoyable ones or the bitter memories. Both of them were used by God to create our character.

I remembered the word He has made everything beautiful in its time…–Ecclesiastes 3:11, many people thought that everything would be good at the end, but I didn’t think so. The word said that it’s beautiful in its time, not in the future or in the past, and I think its time meant right now too. For people who thought it would  be good in the future, they would lose the moment of now. They couldn’t enjoy the moment that they had right now, because they put their mind in the future.

I thought it was good to plan everything and arrange our future, but let it not made us forget the moment we were living now. Think bout it, when will we enjoy our life since we put our mind in the future, remeber the future we always want will be today too and when it became today, again we re-put our mind in the future. It will not end. That’s why I think many people suffer because they lost the moments they should be enjoyed.

So Therefore do not think about tomorrow: for tomorrow shall take care of itself. Sufficient unto the day [is] the evil thereof.-Matthew 6:34

I prefer to enjoy the living life, and let it brings me to the way I couldn’t imagine as long as I let Him who created life holding my life… And I’ll try to embrace every moments He prepared for me…

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