When God answer the pray 7

God You know so many people don’t believe in You. Can’t You show Yourself so they will believe that You are exsist and You are the living God, can You?

My Son, I have already show My glory through the sun that shines your world everyday, the song of birds that nice in your ear, the air that you breathe. It’s not that I don’t want to, but it’s up to each of you wheter you choose to believe in Me or not.

But God, I think it’s usual. We had it everyday. Can You make it more fascinating, or maybe You can show Yourself so they can see You and believe…

I’ve told yoy. The problem is not Me, it’s them. Even I show Myself or I create a magnificiant miracle, if they are unwilling to open their heart , it will be useless. Trust Me, I had did it 2000 years ago.

So God, is there no way the unbeliever believe in You?

It is your part to tell them about Me. But take it aside, why suddenly you want Me to prove Myself as God?

I just want they believe in You…

Rather than forcing other believe, check yourself first, do you truly believe in Me? Is there any single moment you doubt Me?

Honestly, I did it. There were many times I failed to believe.

Now you know it’s the matter of heart. When you closed your heart for Me, you kicked Me out from the God’s throne in your life. You want others believe in Me but you, yourself don’t truly believe in Me. I have power to make everyone believe in Me but I prefer let they come to Me with all their heart.

You see so many people who fail believing, it’s not I who fail, but it’s their failure, because they prefer to close their eyes, their ears, their heart and follow the wisdom of this world. It’s your part to say about the truth so they can know the truth, and it will open their eyes, their ears and their heart.

But once again I told you, even I can’t force you to do it, it’s your choice to take a part or to keep silent…


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