Yang membingungkan di dunia ini adalah MANUSIA

Karena dia ‘mengorbankan kesehatan’nya hanya demi ‘uang’ lalu dia ‘mengorbankan uang’nya demi ‘kesehatan’

Dia sangat khawatir dengan ‘masa depan’nya hingga tidak dia tidak ‘menikmati masa kini’. Akhirnya dia ‘tidak hidup di masa depan atau pu di masa kini’, dia ‘hidup seakan-akan tidak ada akan mati’ , lalu dia mati tanpa ‘benar-benar menikmati apa itu hidup’.

Bersyukurlah apa yang selama ini kita dapati dan kita nikmati. Karena kita tidak akan tahu apa yang akan terjadi di hari esok.

Ketika lahir dua tangan kita kosong… ketika meninggal kedua tangan kita juga kosong…

Waktu datang dan pergi kita tidak membawa apa-apa…

Jangan sombong karena kaya dan kedudukan… jangan minder karena miskin dan hina…

Bukankah kita smeua hanyalah tamu dan semua milik kita hanyalah pinjaman…

TETAPLAH RENDAH HATI seberapapun tinggi kedudukan kita…

TETAPLAH PERCAYA DIRI seberapa pun kekurangan kita…

Karena kita hadir tidak membawa apa-apa dan kembali tidak membawa apa-apa… hanyalah pahala & kebajikan, atau dosa & kejahatan yang dapat kita bawa…

Datang ditemani oleh tangis, pergi juga ditemani oleh tangis…

Maka itu tetaplah bersyukur dalam keadaan apapun, dan HIDUPLAH di saat yang benar-benar ada ini dan nyata untuk kita, yaitu SAAT INI, bukan dari bayang-bayang MASA LALU maupun mencemaskan MASA DEPAN yang belum lagi tiba…


The lesson from X-Men : Days of Future Past

This time, I wanna share about the parts from X-Men : Days of Future Past movie that impress me so much.


The most memorable part for me is when the Young Charles met the old him.

Young Charles: So this what becomes of us. Eric was right. Humanity does this to us.
Old Charles: Not if we show them a better past.
Young Charles: You still believe?
Old Charles: Just because someone stumbles and loses their way, it doesn’t mean they’re lost forever. Sometimes we need a little help.
Young Charles: I’m not the man I was. I open my mind and it almost overwhelms me.
Old Charles: You’re afraid, and Cerebro knows it.
Young Charles: In all those voices…so much pain.
Old Charles: It’s not their pain you’re afraid of — it’s yours. And frightening as it can be their pain will make you stronger if you allow yourself to feel it. Embrace it. It will make you more powerful than you ever imagined. It’s the greatest gift we have that can bear pain without breaking, and it’s born from the most human power: Hope. Please Charles, we need you to hope again.

I absolutely agree with the Old Charles’s statements. There was a time when we lost, we didn’t know what to did, even we thought there was no things in our life that worth enough for us fighting. And it’s true that sometimes, no, most of our times we wanted to hide, we wanted to flee from our pain, we didn’t dare facing our problems and reality. But we couldn’t flee forever. Wherever we went, wherever we hide, the same problems would always find us, and there was no way fleeing from them except we faced them and overpowered them. Of course we would find hardship, pain and struggle, but we couldn’t go nowhere until we overpower our fear, our pain and ourselves. The winner isn’t him who flee from his enemies, but it’s him who fight his enemies and overpowering them.

And the second part that I think it’s wonderful when Beast, Wolverine and Charles discussed about the future.

Hank McCoy: There’s a theory in quantum physics that time is immutable. It’s like a river — you can throw a pebble in and create a ripple, but the current always corrects itself. No matter what you do the river just keeps flowing in the same direction.
Wolverine: What are you trying to say?
Beast: What I’m saying is, what if the war is inevitable? What if she’s meant to kill Trask? What if this is simply who she is?
Charles Xavier: Just because someone stumbles and loses their way it doesn’t mean they’re lost forever. No, I don’t believe that theory Hank, and I can not believe that is who she is. Ready the plane. We’re going to Washington.

I believe that all of us have our own way of live, but it doesn’t mean we had already decided to take that part. I believe that there is God who designs our life but I believe too when He gives us freewill. God doesn’t create us to be a doll or a robot that always follow Him and keep doing what He want even it is not what we want. Maybe there are some people who accuse God for what happened to them. But I think it is because they don’t have enough guts to face their life so they hide themselves and use God as their selfish justification.

I believe whatever happened to us is caused by ourselves. God has already put our way but it’s depended to us whether we chose to follow it or not, and whatever our choice it’s still under His design.

When one of us lost him way and went to the wrong place, maybe there were some people who judged them who had lost, but I believe that there always chances to turn out. We did have our chance, because God let us. God still in His patience waited for us to come back, I thought that God still put His hope for us. When it was happened, why we judged them who had lost. But indeed, once again, it was depended to us whether we would take the chance and turned out or we would continue our way.

Hope, I think it is that the creator of the movie want to share with us. Hope for a better future, hope that we can change our future, that our future is in our own hands. Hope that we will choose the right path, even maybe right now we seems lose our path. Don’t lose your hope. Even the darkest night will end and the sun always rises.

Life choice is like picking lottery inside the sealed envelope…

Life choice is like picking lottery inside the sealed envelope…

When I read it, I remembered my class in colledge some years ago. We discussed about the life’s point of view. And I think the sentence is not wrong…

Life is a battle, we need guts to overcome our fear and worry when we pick an envelope among the hundred ones. Well, it’s not easy to choose the right one, moreover we don’t know what is inside. That’s why many people don’t dare to choose and fight for what they did belive as their life and as the qonsecuence, they let their condition and other people around them controlled their life.

Life is a game, each of our step and our choice has its own risk. No one knew certainty what was inside the sealed envelope. If we win, we will get what we want, but in the contrary we’ll lose everything when we lose. Unfortunately, everytime we have to choose, starting from the simple choices until the complex ones. Start in the morning when we open our eyes, we have to choose whether we will close our eyes again and come back to our dreams or get up from bed to pursuit our dreams. When we had a difficult choice, many of us didn’t want to choose, well actually they had already chose, they chose not to choose and once more they let their condition and others chose for them.

Life is a joy, isn’t it? Many of us are looking for it. Of course people hope that they chosed the right envelope and it will bring them fortune so they will get an abundant money. Why do people work days and night, even they do the wrong job, like stealing? Isn’t it for money, for get the comfort life and enjoy it? But it’s so sad for real many people pursue it until they forget what is actually they pursue. They have been lost for they couldnt’t enjoy their life.

Moreover, what is inside the envelope is the most important one, not the envelope itself. It’s the lotery that we’re looking after, isn’t it? And when we open the envelope there is something inside. There are no two people that have the same life. Each of us have the diffrent kind of life, it’s depend on the envelope that we’ve chosed. No one knew certainty what was inside when we picked an envelope, but please believe that the Creator of Life is never wrong when He put the right lotery for us. Life is a gift, always give thanks for our life, because The Creator itself that granted us this life.


Merepost status seorang teman di halaman fb nya… Well, I absolutely agree with him and I think it’s good to share his opinion..


yang dinilai dari seorang manusia itu adalah amal dan perbuatannya bukan agamanya apa.

yang berhak untuk masuk surga adalah keimanan dan keyakin kepada sang pencipta, bukan orang2 yang fanatik tapi sebenarnya tak pernah mengerti iman dan keyakinannya sendiri

Agama itu adalah sebuah jalan, sebuah kunci, sebuah pedoman hidup menuju yang MAHA ESA, bukan sebuah jalan buat provokasi, bukan sebuah kunci adu domba dan bukan sebuah pedoman untuk saling melecehkan.

silahkan kalau mau beradu otak, strategi, progam untuk memuluskan jalan politik anda tapi ingatlah JANGAN PERNAH GUNAKAN AGAMA SEBAGI SARANA BUAT KEPENTINGAN POLITIK ANDA.

Tidak ada satupun AGAMA yang mengajarkan untuk MENCELA dan MENJELEKAN AGAMA YANG LAIN


copied from https://www.facebook.com/moneycastro?fref=ts


Sekadar menambahkan, saya prihatin dan kasihan dengan para guru PPKn / PMP yang repot-repot mengajar dari jaman dahulu jika output yang dihasilkan seperti sekarang ini. Sungguh menyedihkan…

On the way 6

Last night, when I was walking home with my friend from the mall, we passed through some peoples, the bajaj driver that slept beside their bajaj. They slept on the pedestrian, and the left their bajaj stayed beside them. “Look at them, how can they sleep like that, without bed or pillow and over the hard rock,” my friend said. “And they can sleep deeply, like it looks so comfort. It was almost midnight and it’s usual for us being a little bit afraid when walking in the dark of night, but they just sleep and it seems doesn’t matter where and when they sleep, like they don’t care about anything. ”

My friend’s comment lead me thought about it, how could they slept so comfort, how can they lost in their heavy sleep. If it was I, I was sure that I couldn’t even closed my eyes in their condition. First, I couldn’t sleep in the uncomfortable condition like it. And the second, I was afraid for the wicked people who could harm me. But looked these people. How could they do it? Well, I thought because they had no worry about their life. They didn’t think about their possession, what they had, maybe because they thought they had no precious things so they were not disturbed by worrying their treasures. But when it was me, I worried the wicked people would rob me, or seek after my money. Why did I worry? Because I was afraid for losing my treasures, because I thought I would lose my comfort life.

You see, many of us worrying about many things because we set up our heart over them. We bound our heart to the world wealth. Learn from our Buddhist friend, they emptied themselves. They wasted everything and they left the world life, I mean the comfort and fun life -according to us- and because they had nothing that bound their heart, they could life peacefully, no worrying anymore. But I thought it couldn’t be happened to us, because we fulled ourselves with everything that the world offered, we were after money, fun, comfortable life, updated technology, luxurious lifestyle, and there are still many things that we were after. I myself admit that it was hard to life without treasures and I couldn’t imagine how could I life without money. But I thought the important one was not let my heart after my world treasures, because life itself more important than any treasure. It’s true that we needed money for life but without money I thought we still could keep our life, looked the life of our ancestor, the ancient cavemen, at least they had proved it.

Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also – Mat 6: 19-21



Dalam kita berkendaraan, ketika sedang menemukan jalan buntu, tentunya kita tak akan berhenti & hanya berdiam berlama-lama di tempat itu saja.

Kita pasti akan berputar & berusaha mencari jalan lain, agar bisa segera keluar dari jalan buntu itu.

Begitu juga dalam kita mengarungi kehidupan ini, bila kita sedang menghadapi JALAN BUNTU atau ‘Dead Lock’ jangan terburu-buru menjadi STRESS & PUTUS ASA, karena selalu ada JALAN KELUAR atau SOLUSInya.

Saat kita mengikuti prosedurnya TUHAN dalam menghadapi setiap masalah kehidupan kita, mengapa seolah-olah terlihat kita lebih dipersulit?

Karena DIA mau menguatkan iman kita, memperdalam pengharapan kita, & memperbesar kasih yang akan kita tunjukkan.

DIA sedang membangung dasar yang kokoh dalam hidup kita, agar kita tak tergoncangkan.

Semakin hari, jalan di haapan kita semakin penuh dengan GONCANGAN & KESULITAN.

Jadi dalam menghadapi permasalahan hidup PASTI ada JALAN KELUARnya, sebagaimana sebuah gembok pasti ada kuncinya.

Hanya orang yang MALAS & TAK MAU BERUSAHA saja yang mengatakan bahwa ia sedang berada di jalan buntu.

Ayo bangkit dari keterpurukan, jangan berpasrah pada keadaan karena TUHAN TAK AKAN MENGUBAH ‘NASIB’ SESEORANG KALAU ORANG ITU TIDAK MAU MENGUBAH DIRINYA SENDIRI.

Tetapi oranf-orang yang berakar dalam IMAN kepada YESUS KRISTUS, akan SEMAKIN KUAT & akan TETAP BERDIRI dengan KOKOH & TANGGUH dalam menghadapi setiap BADAI KESULITAN.

PERCAYALAH akan KUASA-NYA, DIA lebih dari sanggup mengubahkan hidup dan keadaan kita.



Seorang teman mengirim BBM dan well, saya berniat membagikannya.