The king and target board

Once upon a time there was a king who liked to take a trip over his kingdom, even to the countryside. One day, when the king was in his trip, he passed through a small village. The king found an interesting scene, that so many holes on the trees, walls, even the guide boards. There were almost no things in the village that have no hole. And the instesting part was the circles around the hole, so the hole was in the center of them, looked like a target board for gun. The king was very amazed and he wondered who was the great shooter, who always shot right on center of the circles. After asking the village people, finally the king met the shooter. He was a ten old boy. Guided by doubt, the king ask the kid, how can he made all the holes, right on the center of the circles. The boy answer with a big smile, “It was very easy Your Highness, I shot first and the I drew the circles around the hole.”


My friends, maybe that story make you laugh, but actually it is similar with our deeds in daily life. We tend to accept the things profitable for us and reject the unprofitable ones. I means when we have two choice, we tends choose the one that we like and we think it more useful for us than the other one. Then we call it the best choice, because it can support us. Let’s be honest, we usually use the informations around us not for finding the fact and the truth, but for searching some arguments that can support our think and act, isn’t it? When we faced a problem, we have already put a hypotesis, then we struggled with our mind, having some arguments for take a final conclusion, but actually we tended to use the arguments that support our first hypotesis and we rejected they that not support us, so in the end we always had our hypotesis for the conclution. Sometimes we even denied the fact and the truth in our way to make a conlution, because we have already put our truth and our fact. That is our way to shoot first and then draw the circles around the hole.

For me, the story make me realize how was I when facing my life and making decicion. And I admit that it is not completely wrong. How about you?


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