Life choice is like picking lottery inside the sealed envelope…

Life choice is like picking lottery inside the sealed envelope…

When I read it, I remembered my class in colledge some years ago. We discussed about the life’s point of view. And I think the sentence is not wrong…

Life is a battle, we need guts to overcome our fear and worry when we pick an envelope among the hundred ones. Well, it’s not easy to choose the right one, moreover we don’t know what is inside. That’s why many people don’t dare to choose and fight for what they did belive as their life and as the qonsecuence, they let their condition and other people around them controlled their life.

Life is a game, each of our step and our choice has its own risk. No one knew certainty what was inside the sealed envelope. If we win, we will get what we want, but in the contrary we’ll lose everything when we lose. Unfortunately, everytime we have to choose, starting from the simple choices until the complex ones. Start in the morning when we open our eyes, we have to choose whether we will close our eyes again and come back to our dreams or get up from bed to pursuit our dreams. When we had a difficult choice, many of us didn’t want to choose, well actually they had already chose, they chose not to choose and once more they let their condition and others chose for them.

Life is a joy, isn’t it? Many of us are looking for it. Of course people hope that they chosed the right envelope and it will bring them fortune so they will get an abundant money. Why do people work days and night, even they do the wrong job, like stealing? Isn’t it for money, for get the comfort life and enjoy it? But it’s so sad for real many people pursue it until they forget what is actually they pursue. They have been lost for they couldnt’t enjoy their life.

Moreover, what is inside the envelope is the most important one, not the envelope itself. It’s the lotery that we’re looking after, isn’t it? And when we open the envelope there is something inside. There are no two people that have the same life. Each of us have the diffrent kind of life, it’s depend on the envelope that we’ve chosed. No one knew certainty what was inside when we picked an envelope, but please believe that the Creator of Life is never wrong when He put the right lotery for us. Life is a gift, always give thanks for our life, because The Creator itself that granted us this life.


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