It just blooms…

“Mom, look at my face. Oh there’s two pimples… what should we do to hide them… Oh mom, they will ruin my prom night…” said a girl. She and her mother are preparing her prom.

“Oh mom, tonight I will be the ugliest girl. There will be many beautiful girls. How if Ted look at another girl and he regrets his decision asking me to the prom…” she keeps talk, closes her face with both of her hands.

“Dear, look at yourself in the mirror,” said her mother. You’re beautiful. Your dress is wonderfull. “What can the pimples do about you? They can do nothing. It’s you who decide to ruin your prom by yourself. They have nothing to do.” She opens her hands and watching herself in the mirror. “And about Ted, you’ve been known him for the whole year. Do you really think he does care?”

“Look at the flowers outside,” her mother brings her to the window. “Which one do you like?”

“Hmmm, I like the rose, but I think jasmine is beautiful too, and I like lily as much as I like both of them… All of them are beautiful Mom, I think you did a great job with them.”

“A flower doesn’t think of competing to the flower next to it. It just blooms. Now you can make yourself enjoy the prom. Ted will be here soon, won’t he?”

The girl hugs her Mom, “Thanks Mom…”


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