Death, is it the ultimate fear?

Last night, I had a little chat with my friend. We talked about what is the ultimate fear, if people aren’t afraid with death anymore, so what is the ultimate one that surpasses it? Well, I think nowadays people aren’t fear with death anymore. If I can say, maybe they are more afraid facing live rather than death. Let’s check the simple things that we always do in our daily live. When we drive our vehicle, there is usually someone that drives with high speed, while another one keep driving even the traffic lamp turns red. All of us know it’s dangerous but it doesn’t stop us. Maybe they, the people who did it, more afraid if they were late on urgent thing, maybe it was their business, or maybe losing their reputation as the on- time businessman was scarier than lost their life. Ok, maybe you’ve never done it, but what about answering the phone call while you’re driving? It can cause an accident and we can lose our life, isn’t it? It’s mean there are other things that we’re more afraid, maybe your wife will be angry with you if you don’t answer her call =p
In the other case, there are many people who dare to take a risk facing death with some purpose. Look at them who do the extreme sports. For me, I myself don’t like them, so I can’t comment it. Maybe they have similarity with the people who work as stuntmen. I don’t know, maybe because it is their hobby so they do the dangerous thing or maybe they really need money. If it’s the second one, once again, it’s money that drives their life. Maybe they are more afraid life without money rather than take a risk losing their life.
It’s different with the people who went to the war. They who fought for get their freedom, their rights as human being. The heroes who went to the battlefield must be afraid to die, but it was scarier for them when the human rights were violated. That’s why they dared to fight for what was they fought, their hope for a better future.
Another case that can be more serious is losing our life with purpose. Well, nowadays we have many suicide cases that caused by ridiculous things and it should be no need to do. For example: a boy who got suicide because his parents couldn’t buy him a new handphone. Maybe his friends bullied him, and he got afraid with the bullying so he decided to end his pain with a suicide. I hope this case can get our attention. We have to be careful with our deeds, of course we don’t want our deeds bring pains to other. Lately cyber bullying gets hot. –Thanks to my friend for rebuking me.- Look at the people who promise to do this and that if certain condition was happened in facebook. And many people comment him, most of them mock him. What is the different with you mock your friends. It’s known as bullying, isn’t it? Let’s think, we don’t know whether it’s him or his friends who did it. Maybe his friends thought it was funny. But if it’s you who were the victim, is it funny? Think bout it, you will face hell. Many people will mock you for the thing you don’t do. If you can’t stand it, maybe you will think suicide is the shortpass to get free. Please beware with our deeds. Don’t let us bring disaster to anyone, even we have no purpose when do it.
There are many other things that can cause people lost heart for continue their life, such as get in debts that can’t be paid, have no money for living, or lost something important, like job or family member that made they lost their passion in live. The point is when a man loses his hope, he will lose his brave for facing life. Maybe they will think that death is more beautiful than live. As my respond for the statement that death is the men’s ultimate fear, I don’t think so. Live without hope is more frightening rather than die. If you lose your hope today and you think that tomorrow is scary, please remember God will not leave us. He who always be with us since we as born, keep walking with us in the sunny days and the darkest night, will He not do such things tomorrow?
I remember a wall ornament in my house. It’s written ‘I will never leave you nor forsake you’, a word from Heb 13:5.
Anyway, as my last words, suddenly I get this on my head, Proverbs 23:18, “There is a surely hope for you and your hope will not cut off.”

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