Architect and sin…

Someone asked me this question:
If God is the creator of all, then sin was created by God, too

As an architect, to understand sin is somewhat easy for me. The first thing that we ought to know is, what is “sin”? Sin is actually when we are living our life not accordingly to Gods’ plan. Gods plan is perfect, we made it imperfect by misusing our life.

Architecturally speaking, when we design a building, we would consider not only the functionality of that building but also the loads that the building might receive, and we would even design “the look” and “the form” of the building so that it will work in someway with the surrounding environment. When the planning and design is done, it should be a perfect design, but, sometimes the builder build it the wrong way, or the owner want to change it because they think they know better. Let’s say, the main window was designed to face southward to catch more sunshine, but the owner move it east because he like the view better. What happened afterwards, the space inside the reception room doesn’t get enough light and heat, so when it is occupied, the dwellers must turn on the light and heater most of the time. The builder had committed a sin against the architect and the building has become an imperfect creation, a product of sin.
One sin leads to another, because the building was not planned to consume that much of electricity and heat, the architect didn’t plan a sufficient space for the needed utility, so the builders just added the needed utilities that would ruined the aesthetic of the building and might make it prone to danger.

See, the effort that the builders do to fix the sin is not sufficient to make the building work perfectly again. What the builders must do is call the architect to modify the design, make it into a new creation. Thus the building would be reborn again.

Does that make sense? The architect did not created all the errors, no architect in their right mind would design a building to collapse. The building was perfectly designed. It’s the violation to that design that ruined that perfection.

Copied from my amazing lecturer’s note


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