The presesnt…

One day, a success and rich businessman asked the wiseman, “Pardon Sir, let me ask you. At my neighborhood, I am known as the miser.  Actually, I had said that I will give my wealth to the poor, widows and orphans.

The wiseman smiled and asked the businessman, “When will you die?”

“I don’t know…”

“Fine, for answering your question, I will tell you the story of pig and cow. People don’t like pig as much as they like cow, because pig has an ugly face, bad odor, and my stall always dirty. In the other hand many people like cow so much.

One day, pig said to the cow, “Cow, people always praise your beautiful body, your bright eyes. They think you’re so kind because each day you give them your milk. But look at me, I have given everything I had, I let my life go for nothing, people kill me, take my pork for many foods and eat them. Instead of thanking to me, they still don’t like me…”

The cow answer, “Pig… I think it’s because I gave what I have when I’m still alive, but you had given the one after you died.”

The businessman was silent for a moment before smile. The most important one is not the past or the future, but it’s the present… I remember a quote ‘… it’s called present because it is a present (refers to gift)’


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