Merry xmas 2014 – a duty

What if Joseph refused to take Mary as his wife and Mary’s unknown baby as his son?

What if Joseph divorced Mary because she was pregnant a baby who was not his?

What if Joseph didn’t want to accept and acknowledge Mary’s baby as his?

What if Joseph failed bringing Mary to Betlehem and  left her on the way because her pregnant only brought difficulties for both of them?

What if Joseph got tired with Mary and his baby, in addition, the baby was not his?

Remember Joseph had ever made a choice going to divorce Mary, even he canceled it.

Each of us was born with a certain duty, to accomplish a different special mission. Maybe sometimes we think it is impossible, it is not make sense, or it is too hard for us finishing it.

It’s ok to doubt, and wanted to give up when the storm hit. As everything is not happened as our plans, doubt is usual. Christmas this year reminds me to keep faith and hope. A certain one  I believe that He will come back…

I remember this video… Merry xmas…


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