On the way 7

I was in the train heading back to home when suddenly the train stopped for a while. I wait and wait. It felt so long. I hated waiting. I think it was wasting time.  While waiting, I wanted to complain to the train’s driver. I wanted to go to his room and asked him to run the train as soon as possible. I didn’t want to wait any longer. But suddenly I thought, the driver must know what happened outside and he has told that another train would pass or there must be something else that only known by him. If I asked him and forced him to run the train, maybe something terrible would be happened.

It was similar with our life. There was a time when I lost my patience and wanted to hurry up achieve something I wanted. But it did not happen as my wish. In my misunderstanding, I complained God. I was angry with Him. I knew He had His own reason. I knew He did it for my sake. Even though, I couldn’t understand it.  Maybe it was called faith, even I didn’t know but I keep believed.



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