Second chance???

This morning, I heard the news about the death sentence for the drugs convicts in Indonesia. It was told that the convicts asked for re-observation about their conviction. The reason was they got a life change since they had their punishment. There was a convict that became more religious and help to healed the others, and the other one became a painter and taught the others. Unfortunately, it couldn’t cancel their death sentence. I won’t comment about their death sentence, but I think if they bring a good effect to the others, it will be a great lose.

I try to watch from another view. I see when they wee trying to construct their life again, there was no chance. And for us, beware my friends, second chance is not always provided. It is better to maximize our potential, what is already be with us, and what can we do right now in order to not regretting in the future days.


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