When God answer the pray 9

God, where are You? Show me Yourself! I wanna complain to You…

Here I am, my son. And I can’t wait to hear your complain…

God, You’re unfair. Look at my job! Even I work hard and always work overtime why I don’t get promoted, but my friend does? It’s not fair!

So it’s the problem? You just aren’t satisfied because don’t get promoted?

God! It is not ‘just’… You know how I have worked hard for years. But what did I get? Nothing. But he, his work was horrible. He couldn’t do everything by himself. He always asked for a help, and I always helped him. Since such useless one like him gets promoted, it can’t be done. I reject it!

So, you think you’re better than him?

Of course God. I always do my job well and on time. Everyone is satisfied with my performance. So it should be me rather than him who get promoted!

So, you think you’re the best employee?

I… am… I always do my best.

What have you done so you are fit to get the best employee title? Have you really do your best?

Emm… actually I… but God, it’s same with him. He does nothing too.

Stop looking at him. Look at yourself! Right now, in your current position, you’re so arrogant. What will you be if you get promoted? You’ll be more arrogant.

Ok God. You are right for this one. But I think getting him promoted is a failure.

I’ve told you to stop looking at everyone else. Moreover, it’s My right to decide. I’m the God, not you. Everything I give to you is enough. Envy not to him.

But God, I still think it’s unfair for me. I have done everything for nothing. My hard work, my struggle is meaningless.

It’s not right. Your achievement is truly the result of your hard work.

But it’s not enough for me. I want more. I think I suppose to get more than this.

My son, I give you what do you need, not what do you want. Remind yourself, everything is mine and I’m free to give it to him who I want to give as I give you everything. Stop getting unsatisfied and be thankful for what with you now.

I know your heart is still unsatisfied. It’s ok. Not easy to be thankful, isn’t it? But when you are able to thanks for your life, you’ll be able seeing the beauties around you. Try it, trust Me!

Ok God, I’ll try…

And one thing, look at the beautiful side of your grumble. It can create a post that I hope many people will be blessed…



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