When God answer the pray 10

Day 1

God where are You? I have a problem. It’s very big. God, You know the man working in my company, the newbie. My boss hired him few weeks ago. Oh God, it is a disaster. I find that he is a thief, a hacker. And I think he is on the way to steal any secret information about the company.

Day 3

God, why are You keep silent? It has been some days since he hacked my server. I had said to my boss, but he didn’t believe me. What should I do?

God, please answer me. Oh, don’t keep silent. Please do something God, please…

Day 6

Oh God, why don’t You do something? You know, this morning I heard that the man, the thief, the hacker, he would get promotion. It’s not right God. Please do something, don’t let it happened.

Day 7

God, where are you? It has been a week, and there is nothing changed. You did nothing so I decided to do something. I will make it sure that everyone knows his true face. He is a wolf in a sheep form.

Day 10

God! Why don’t You help me? You know I did it for good sake, but my boss still didn’t believe me. Instead of got reward, my boss blamed me. I even got punishment for my good intention. It’s not fair God. And You, You God, You did nothing! You didn’t help me even once. Please answer me, speak to me God…

God, You keep silent. You did nothing even you know it is not right. He is a wicked man. He is a thief, but you let him got success in his evil way. God I can’t believe You. Why do You let it happened…

Day 13

God, You don’t answer me even a single word. You had left me alone. You care not me anymore. Tomorrow he will be promoted. And I can’t do anything to prevent it. It is You who let the wicked one get everything he wants. I don’t want to speak with You anymore.

Day 14

God, sorry for misunderstanding You. Sorry for blaming You. Now I know that You are God who do not leave me even for a second. God, You had known that my boss knew everything about him, and he pretended to believe him, hadn’t You? I’m sorry God. I knew nothing, but thought that I knew everything. Moreover, I didn’t believe You and thought that You blessed the wicked one, instead of punished him. Please God, I’m sorry.

Dear Son, I was silent didn’t mean I did nothing. I just want you keep believe in Me. I have my own way to deal with him. Doubt not, but believe in Me. Am I not the God who blesses the good men and curse the wicked ones?

God, I’m sorry. Please forgive me…

I do, but promise Me that you will trust Me in all condition. Can you do it?

I’ll try God… I’ll try. I’m promise…


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