Happy Passover…

Today is The Passover. Well, my friend and me had a little debate whether it’s ‘Passover’ or ‘Easter’. But I prefer use the word ‘Passover’ rather than ‘Easter’. First, because it is the word that used in Bible, and second, the word ‘Passover’ refers to the moment when God pass over the Egypt to save his people, same with Jesus pass over death to save human being. Ok, those are my reasons using Passover. Another meaning that I get is past-over, which is our past has over. The Christ’s resurrection brings us new hope, new beginning. The past has no longer overcome us, and we should leave our past, our evil deeds and walk in the God’s way.

For me, personally, this Passover reminds me to keep faithful. Remembering the Christ’s work in this world has started with Mary and Joseph, his parents, and they were the faithful ones. Mary let herself conceived the baby Jesus when she was a virgin, and Joseph chose to accept baby Jesus in his family, as his son. Both of them had found many difficulties since they were chosen to be Jesus’s parents, while they did have choice to refuse baby Jesus.  Instead of refusing take care Jesus, Mary and Joseph chose to be God’s instruments for accept Jesus as their own son, of course they knew the consequents of walking in God’s plan.

And Jesus himself, he keep did the Father’s will. Of course He could refuse the cross. He is God and He had the power to do it, but he didn’t do it. Instead of thinking himself, He chose the cross, He chose to be crucified, He chose death so we could get life. As a human being, of course it’s not easy for Jesus to face His death. No one wanted to die, if we could choose of course we chose eternal life rather than death. Look at His prayer. Even as a human He feared and wanted to pass it, but He keep obeyed Father’s will.

Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me; yet not my will, but yours be done. – Luke 22:42

My reflection is will I life for Him? Will I accept the God’s plan for my life even it’s different with mine? It’s easy for struggling something we want, but it’s different when we talk about the thing that we never ask for suddenly come into our life.

This Passover, I ask myself, will me be ready for keep walking in His plan no matter what will happen next, or take a decision to walk in my own?  How about you?


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