When God answer the pray 11

God, where were You when I had a big problem? I looked for You but You were not here. You left me alone.

My son, I was here. I always be here with you, I never left you alone.

But You didn’t do anything. What was the different, whether You were be with me or not. Still, I had to face my own problem by myself. And it was because You did nothing.

So you blamed Me?

Yes. You told me that You would help me, always with me, but I couldn’t believe it was happened, You let me faced my problem alone. I was angry with You. You promised that You would walk before me, but…

I knew I shouldn’t do it, I shouldn’t angry with You… I just wanted to know why did You let me faced it alone. You were God, instead of doing something to help me, You doing nothing. I just couldn’t accept it.

My dearest son, there was a time I help You and there was another time I restrained Myself from helping you. But believe Me, I did it for your sake…

How could You say it was for me? If it was for me, You should help me God.

Remember when I was with Peter and my other disciples on the stormy night. We were on the boat and my disciples were so fear. At that time, I calmed the storm…

Yes I knew it. You did help Your disciples…

But there was another time when I had to let Stephen died because of his faith in Me. Yes, I could save him, but I didn’t do it.


I had My own plan. As a human being, you couldn’t understand it. But I didn’t ask you to understand Me. What did I ask you is you believed in Me. Just did it.

But God, how can I believe in you?

You know when you were kid, your parents did everything for you, they helped you eat, took a bath, even read bedtime story for you could sleep. But when you got older, you had to do all of them by yourself. Were your parents cruel so they let you did it and didn’t help you anymore? Of course not. They still loved you, but you had to do it by yourself. You had to get matured. They always be with you, watching you, but let themselves not helped you as long as they thought you could do everything by yourself.  But if you got some problems and you couldn’t handle it, still they were ready to help you solved it, right?

Yeah… but it was different… I should do it because I had to do it…

No, it was same. You had to grow in your faith too. And you had to learn believing in Me, even I didn’t help you at that moment…

I know it will be hard for you to accept it, but you have to do it. Think bout it first, My son…

… ok…


Bintang masih tetap bersinar

Di kala petang tiba dan matahari terbenam

Saat kegelapan datang melingkupi langit

Di sana kau sendirian berdiri di bawah langit malam

Angkatlah kepalamu sebentar dan tengoklah ke atas

Lihatlah sekelip cahaya berusaha bersinar di tengah kelamnya langit

Bintang masih tetap bersinar

Ketika kau tak tahu apa yang harus kau lakukan

Karena hidup menghimpitmu terlalu berat

Tak peduli seberapa besar masalah yang kau hadapi

Betapa pun beratnya beban yang harus kau pikul

Hingga kau tak mampu lagi bertahan

Ingatlah bahwa kau tak sendiri

Bintang masih tetap bersinar

Meskipun kau tak dapat mengerti apa yang kan terjadi

Yakinlah bahwa hari esok itu pasti ada

Sedang menunggumu menghampirinya

Setebal apa pun awan menutupi langit

Tak akan pernah dia mampu mengusir bintang

Bintang masih tetap bersinar

Jangan pernah biarkan asa mu melayang

Meski pikiranmu berteriak segalanya tak mungkin

Tetap dengarkan hatimu berbisik tuk terus melaju

Karena bintang tak pernah meninggalkanmu barang sedetik

Di sana dia terus mengawasimu sekalipun kau tak pernah tahu

Bitang masih tetap bersinar



Stars were shining…

When twilight came and sun left

There was darkness covering the sky

When you stand alone under the dark sky

Lifted your head and saw up

There were little lights trying to shine in the darkness

Stars were shining there

When you didn’t know what would you do

Coz this life pressed you so hard

Made you can’t stand anymore

No matter how big your problem

And how heavy burden that you had to bear

Please remember you were not alone

Stars were shining there

Even you didn’t have idea about what will happen

Trusted me, tomorrow would come

It was waiting for you right now

The thick cloud that covering the sky

Never could drive out the stars

Stars were shining there

Never gave up you hope

Even your mind shouted it was impossible

Keep listened you heart whispering just go through

Coz stars never left you just for a second

From a distance he kept watching you

Didn’t care whether you knew or not

Stars were shining there

Just for you


Created when I saw the stars in the night sky

A lesson from cakes

When I was kid, there was a time Mommy brought chocolate cakes when she went back from town. That time we lived at the suburb, and chocolate cakes were rare. We longed for it when Mommy went to town. As a kid, I loved those cakes so much. My favorite one was the cake with candy bird-like-form. I remembered we, I and my siblings always fought for it when Mommy bought some different cakes. Like other kids, we wanted the cake with candy bird-like-form because we loved the candy bird-like-form. I didn’t know why I used to love it so much, while there were the others ones, even there was no candy like-bird form, still yummy and of course their price were same. But kids didn’t think all of it. We just see the unique, candy bird-like-form, and forgot the cake’s taste.

Isn’t it similar with something happened in our daily life? We run for great job, social position, or wealth and think that it will guarantee our success. That’s why we work for it all days and nights, instead of find what is actually the goal of our life. Many friends of me complaint although having a great job, got a high position in the community and abundant money, still they fell empty and unhappy.

I notice that what actually we thing it will comfort us, in contrast doesn’t work. Why does it happen? Well, similar with the candy bird-form-like cake, we all run for the things that we think it is interesting for us, such as great job, high position or wealth but forget the most important one that is this life itself. Happiness is not decided by our position in society or how much our money, but by how we feel and enjoy our life, and of course with a grateful heart.


My used to be favorite cake sketch…

Their story – stop bullying #finale

My name’s Gaby. I am 13 years old. My friends made me fun because I was fat. They called me ‘fatty’. I knew I am fat. And I wanted to reduce my weight. Since last week I have not eat breakfast and dinner. I eat once a day. But it was so painful. I got starving. Nevertheless, I had to do it. I didn’t want my friends called my ‘fatty’ anymore…


My name’s Harry. I didn’t mean to make some noise. It was Tom. He pushed me down. I didn’t do something wrong. I just nudged Tom, and he got angry. Of course it was an accident. I got headache. My head got heavy. Was I sick? No, I was fine, really. I was OK. The wounds on my hands? Oh Tom made them when he pushed me. Believe me, I told the truth. Ok, ok, I will tell you. My dad made them yesterday. He was drunk when he went home last night. He beat me. But I’m fine. It is common for me. His beating is my daily bread…


Do you think you know everything about us? You are totally wrong. You do know nothing bout us, so don’t ever try to judge us. What do you feel if somebody you don’t know well speaks something about you, and in addition, it’s not true and just hurt you? Please consider it and stop talking bout others.