Their story – stop bullying #finale

My name’s Gaby. I am 13 years old. My friends made me fun because I was fat. They called me ‘fatty’. I knew I am fat. And I wanted to reduce my weight. Since last week I have not eat breakfast and dinner. I eat once a day. But it was so painful. I got starving. Nevertheless, I had to do it. I didn’t want my friends called my ‘fatty’ anymore…


My name’s Harry. I didn’t mean to make some noise. It was Tom. He pushed me down. I didn’t do something wrong. I just nudged Tom, and he got angry. Of course it was an accident. I got headache. My head got heavy. Was I sick? No, I was fine, really. I was OK. The wounds on my hands? Oh Tom made them when he pushed me. Believe me, I told the truth. Ok, ok, I will tell you. My dad made them yesterday. He was drunk when he went home last night. He beat me. But I’m fine. It is common for me. His beating is my daily bread…


Do you think you know everything about us? You are totally wrong. You do know nothing bout us, so don’t ever try to judge us. What do you feel if somebody you don’t know well speaks something about you, and in addition, it’s not true and just hurt you? Please consider it and stop talking bout others.



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