A lesson from cakes

When I was kid, there was a time Mommy brought chocolate cakes when she went back from town. That time we lived at the suburb, and chocolate cakes were rare. We longed for it when Mommy went to town. As a kid, I loved those cakes so much. My favorite one was the cake with candy bird-like-form. I remembered we, I and my siblings always fought for it when Mommy bought some different cakes. Like other kids, we wanted the cake with candy bird-like-form because we loved the candy bird-like-form. I didn’t know why I used to love it so much, while there were the others ones, even there was no candy like-bird form, still yummy and of course their price were same. But kids didn’t think all of it. We just see the unique, candy bird-like-form, and forgot the cake’s taste.

Isn’t it similar with something happened in our daily life? We run for great job, social position, or wealth and think that it will guarantee our success. That’s why we work for it all days and nights, instead of find what is actually the goal of our life. Many friends of me complaint although having a great job, got a high position in the community and abundant money, still they fell empty and unhappy.

I notice that what actually we thing it will comfort us, in contrast doesn’t work. Why does it happen? Well, similar with the candy bird-form-like cake, we all run for the things that we think it is interesting for us, such as great job, high position or wealth but forget the most important one that is this life itself. Happiness is not decided by our position in society or how much our money, but by how we feel and enjoy our life, and of course with a grateful heart.


My used to be favorite cake sketch…


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