Stars were shining…

When twilight came and sun left

There was darkness covering the sky

When you stand alone under the dark sky

Lifted your head and saw up

There were little lights trying to shine in the darkness

Stars were shining there

When you didn’t know what would you do

Coz this life pressed you so hard

Made you can’t stand anymore

No matter how big your problem

And how heavy burden that you had to bear

Please remember you were not alone

Stars were shining there

Even you didn’t have idea about what will happen

Trusted me, tomorrow would come

It was waiting for you right now

The thick cloud that covering the sky

Never could drive out the stars

Stars were shining there

Never gave up you hope

Even your mind shouted it was impossible

Keep listened you heart whispering just go through

Coz stars never left you just for a second

From a distance he kept watching you

Didn’t care whether you knew or not

Stars were shining there

Just for you


Created when I saw the stars in the night sky


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