When God answer the pray 12

Hi God, where are You?

Here I am, My son. Now, what is it, what are you going to complaint? Please take your time. I am here, listening to you.

God, You told it as seem as I always come to You for complaining…

I am not wrong, am I?

Yeah You are right. I always have been come to You for complaining everything about my life. You are totally right.

Oh, and one more, not only complaining, you are blaming Me too. So, what is your case today?

Oh God, You make me feel guilty. I’m ashamed of myself.  , I’m not standing here for complaining or blaming You, at least it is not today…

So what do you want from Me?

I just want to discuss with You. Our conversation last time, when I complained, ok You right it was a complain, You asked me to think about my problem. Now, I come here to tell You something…

I wonder what is it, please tell Me…

I’ve been thinking about it, everything happened in my life, the happy moments and the sad ones. I’ve passed much hardness as long as I live. You know, I always asked why it has to be happened when I faced big problem. I thought and thought but I couldn’t understand. There were so many reasons, so many answers that were possible for answering it.

I knew You are God and it was Your right to decide the things would happen and the would not. I knew too that I was a mere human. What was I, instead of abandoned me, You loved me, protected me, and invested Your will on me. I couldn’t find any answer, but it was for Your glory for letting everything happened in my life, the good ones and the bad ones.

Please continue, I’m listening…

Even I still couldn’t understand why did You let it happened, but I tried to believe it was for my sake and to glorify Yourself.

Yeah, I think you got the point. Mere human of course can’t understand God’s mind, but believing will reveal everything. It is ok for you not knowing everything. Instead of knowing, I asked you for believing.

I’ll try to believe in You. It’s not easy.

Well, you right, it’s easier for believing in visible things rather than invisible God, isn’t it?

Haha, You’re right God. You make me feel ashamed again. Anyway God, thanks for being patient with me…

You’re welcome. Thanks for promising to believe in Me…


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