A man was lost on the desert. He was very thirsty and going to die. After walked for a while, he found an empty house. It was very old and abandoned, but there was a water pump in front of it. No more waiting, he ran to the pump and started to pump with all of his power. Unfortunately, there was no water.

Looking around, he saw a pot behind the pump. There was a little paper clang on it. He read the note, “Dear friends, you need to provoke the pump with the water first before it can work. After you got the water, please fill this pot with water again. Don’t leave it empty.” The man looked inside the pot and he found it was full with water.

“Do I have to use this water to provoke the pump? What will I do if it doesn’t work? There is no water anymore. I think it’s better for me to drink this water first before I die. I can’t stand anymore. It’s so thirsty. Why do I have to pour this water to the old pump, following the instruction? There is no guarantee that it is going to work, and the pump, it looks so old.” The man struggled with himself.

But somehow, his consciousness told him to try the instruction on the note, even the risk was he would not get water. He poured the water from the pot to the old pump then pumping it with all his power.

You see, it was right. There was water came out from the pump. The thirsty man drank it quickly.

Taking rest for a while, the man got his power regained. Before leaving, he filled the pot with water and put the note on it, adding something, “I’ve done it and it worked. You have to release everything first, before you can get it back, more than the first. Thrust me!”

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