I didn’t know what kind of dream that I had, suddenly I woke up from my nap and had it on my mind. Bored. Don’t see it as a negative word, but just a word that describing a kind of feeling.

I remember my boarding house’s friend. When I invited him to hang out for culinary, he asked me, why did we have to go to the far place if there were so many culinary around us. Bored, that was my answer. When I think bout it, I get a feeling that bored is a situation that we created by ourselves. Looks at my friend, he didn’t feel bored because he enjoyed it and he didn’t ever think to ask anything else.

Why people get bored?

I think because we want something more than we have already. If we just accept it and get satisfied, I think we’ll never get bored. Wanting something leads us to get bored.

What can make people bored?

I think routine daily activities will do it. Oh, and doing nothing gotta work too. It has the same pattern, see. You did your daily activities, they made you tired and you want something new, so you’ll get bored after a certain time. Actually, when you wanted to do something new, that’s the moment when you started getting bored. Similar with doing nothing. You wanted to do something so you got bored.

Is there anything that will not make us get bored?

I think that question maybe work on some people but their answer will not same with the other ones. Generally, we will not get bored with our family, our mom and dad, or our siblings. But there is no guarantee that it will work to all people. Normally it will, but life is complex, isn’t it. I have a relative who have a problem in her marriage, but instead of divorce, she choose to be with her family. In the other hand, there was a family that got divorce for a silly reason.

I think the key for not get bored is accepting everything you have and be grateful with it. I learn it from people around me.

I think that’s all. Such a non conceptual writing. Haha… well, I just got it after taking a nap. There is no idea where it came from…


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