The most important thing

When you are drowning, let’s say, in the sea, what do you need most?
Is it a rope so you can grab it? Is it a floating board? Is it a swimming skill? Or is it a Baywatch for helping you? Most of us I believe will choose one of those. At least I did it. Instead of them, the most thing we need when we are drowning is oxygen. Is there anyone choose oxygen? Maybe just a few of us will think about it. Because we get oxygen every time and everywhere free, it makes us forgot it as a basic need as well as the most important thing in our life.
If the same question I asked to you, what do you need most in your life, what will you answer?
Will you answer money? I thing everyone need money for life right. Will you answer food? Of course we need it. Or maybe you will answer oxygen too hahaha, of course we need it for breath. Well, the point here is about the focus of our life. The first question, when I asked it maybe most of us will think the way to get out from water, that’s our focus. Focusing ourselves to get out from water makes us forgot that it is not the most important one, oxygen is the first thing we need before we think how to get out.
Now, how about our life? What is our focus? Focusing our life, our attention to something that less important will lead us lose the most important one =)

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