The art of giving

When we talked about giving, maybe you thought nothing special with it. Everyone could do it. It was ordinary thing. Do you think so? First let us correct ourselves. How many times did we give something sincerely? Did we do it for nothing or because we wanted something for a payback? Moreover, did we give our best or just, well let’s say something that we actually didn’t need? Now, you have the answer. Keep it for yourself and it will be your mark.

Today I learned giving was something wonderful. It couldn’t be done easily. I mean, maybe you could give something to anyone, but when you wanted he/ she did the same thing to you, instead of doing giving you were doing business. Giving means you did give everything you had, even the best of yourself to others without considering who were them, so you wouldn’t not thought for a payback.

It sounds easy, isn’t it? But how can we do it? First, you have to keep in your mind that you have nothing. Everything be with you is not your possession. Indeed, it is something passed to you so you can pass it to others. Giving will be easy if we realize that we have nothing and will not bring anything when we are gone.

The second one, it is him who really understands that he has received something that can give it to others. You don’t really think people who keep in their mind that they are poor will give something, no matter how rich they are actually, do you? On the other hand, no matter how poor them, when they think that they have something to be shared, they will do it. Can you figure out? You have to received something first, then you think that you have something so you can share it.

Again, it sounds so simple, but it is not. Giving is not something that can be done anytime. I think it is a gift for you if you can give anything, anywhere, anytime sincerely.


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