My daughter

“Mom, today Miss Clara told us about what would we do when we grow up…” said Diana, my daughter when we are going to home for her school.

“Aha. Mommy is wondering what is it…” I said to her without release my eyes from the street in front of me. I’m not a good driver and I have to drive carefully.

“I said that I want to be a nurse. She answer me happily, “and Laura could be the doctor…” she added it.

Her answer disturbs me. I go along the side of road and stop my car. I’m not a good driver, I repeat it and I can’t speak seriously while driving.

“Baby, why did you want to be nurse since Laura be doctor. I think you could be a doctor too.”

“But Mom, why should I be a doctor?”

“Dear, look at Laura. She wanted to be doctor. It’s ok for you to be doctor. You know, doctor is greater than nurse. Doctor can heal wounded person. It’s so cool…”

“But Mom, there is no job that greater than the other. I think all of them are same. Nurse is cool too. If everyone wants to be doctor, then who will be the nurse, since we need her to.” Said Diana calmly.

For the second time, her answer makes me really uncomfort. Honestly, she is right. All of jobs are same and we need them. Ok, maybe we think that one job is greater than the other one, in my daughter’s case it is doctor greater than nurse, but we can’t erase nurse. Instead, we need her too.

“Mom…” Diana calls me.

“Ok sweetie, you are right. I was wrong. You can be nurse. Nurse is wonderful too. Let’s continue our journey to home…”


Realized it or not, parents teach their kids to be greater than others. As parents, we want our kids be the number one, have many skills, be the winner. Maybe it is not absolutely our fault. We are the product of our parent’s will. That’s why we do the same to our kids.

Everyone is unique. Each of us has a certain place in the universe. Like a puzzle, each piece is part of the big picture. No piece that is better than the others. Each of them is same. No matter how bad its shape, still it is needed to make the puzzle perfect.

Inspired from my friend’s sharing post..



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