A little thing in my head…

As a human being, worrying is part of my life. Do not know what will be happened tomorrow get me really fear. I’m categorized to man who always plans everything perfectly before doing something. That’s why do not know what is going to come really makes me powerless. I don’t know what will I do tomorrow, what kind of job will I get, will I be able to get job that I wanted, will I get my dream comes true, and there are still many things that I get in my head, the things that I have no idea at all.

You know, it is true that as human being, we have many things we worry. We worry much about the future. I think it’s ok. Everyone has their own struggle about their life and their future. But something that suddenly slips into my head is what I need, the Lord will provide them. Wherever it is according with our will or not, it’s a different case, but I’m totally believe Lord will give the best for us. There’s nothing that He won’t give to us. Even His life, it was granted for us. Jesus gave everything He had. He left His throne in heaven for us. Whatever He did, He did it for us. Until the end of His life, He gave His life for us, for saving us from eternal death. I think it’s more than everything we ever asked and imagine.

That consciousness makes me realized that there is nothing in this world worthy enough to be worried. The Lord will provide us, everything we need, it has be given to us. You just need to believe and trust Him. Job, livelihood, money, husband/ wife, kids, all of them are small matters for God. Since He has given His life, the most precious one for us, there is nothing that He will not give to us, but we have to remember as long as it’s for our own sake.

Finishing my writing, I want to give thanks to Jesus for His love. And one another thing, try not to worry too much. He’s here with us and He will help us and provide us. Have a meaningful Good Friday…



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