War room movie comment


Few months ago, I know it was very long time but I found no time to write so I’m writing now, I watched a very good movie, I thought. Its title was War Room. It was about a wife that had difficult time with her husband. With the old woman’s help, she started to pray for her family. And you know, her family started to change. Her daughter started to pray for her parents, and finally her husband changed to, after he got fired from his company. As, the story passed, her husband had a struggle with his sin. He had stolen his company goods and at that time, he didn’t know what should he do. Gave back the stolen goods would brought him to be prosecuted. Finally he gave back the goods that he stole and amazingly, instead of prosecuting him, his boss asked why did he do it.

That’s the synopsis of the movie. When I watched it, I thought that everything happened in the rest of the movie started by a simple act. It was a prayer from the wife, of course after the old woman, her client urged her, almost forced her, to start praying for herself and her family. Instead of blaming her husband, she should correct herself first, came to God and asked forgiveness. Then she should put everything, her problems, her husband, her daughter in God’s hand. The first point that I got was each of us had to start from ourselves. If we wanted a transformation, we should transform first. It was impossible if we wanted our surrounding changed but we did nothing. The second one, it was not easy to overpower ourselves, our ego, our pride and let God took control. But it was a must. If we confessed Him as God, it meant we had to let Him worked as God. Trusted Him and He would brought everything for our sake. You knew, He could do everything, but it was ourselves that didn’t let Him be our God. We pushed Him from our life and didn’t give Him any chance to make our life beautiful.

The third one, I was really amazed with the husband act. He was repent and ready took a risk for paying his sin. It needed courage to confess our fault and got willingness to take responsibility, no matter how much its cost. In the movie, the husband was ready to be jailed for his deeds. It was not easy, man. Then it was told than he got grace since his boss decided not to prosecute him, but his boss came and asked why did he do it. I myself truly believed that God would not keep silent. When we started to do something right, He would help us too. But, it was us that first had to take an action.

Another part that I liked was when their daughter got a competition. Her team didn’t get the first winner. I really appreciated it. In this life, we would not always get what we want. But, how would we react when it happened, I meant when something we hoped was not happened. Ok, maybe, not maybe but it must be hard for us. We did have choices. We could sank in our sadness or we could chose to give thanks no matter what happened and be happy.

And, the last one, the movie was started by the old woman, the wife client commitment to help others. If the old woman kept silent and did not asked about the wife spiritual life and her family relationship, maybe their marriage would still in trouble, or they could be divorce. You knew, take attention to other was important. The simple act was praying them. But if we had capability to help them why we didn’t do it? I want to close this writing with statement: Every small act, even it’s just a pray can bring a great impact, so don’t stop praying. If you never pray, you are not yet late to start it.