God’s waiting

Have you ever been waited for something? I’m sure that you have. How did you feel when you were waiting? Once again, I’m sure you hated it and you swear never you would do it again. You know, today I waited for ticket reservation almost three hours, and honestly it made me impatient.  I really hated it, knowing that I should went to the reservation desk as soon as possible but I couldn’t do it because there was someone else standing there, or even there was no one, still I had to wait for my number was called. No one loves waiting. I’m sure about it.

I think it’s same with what is God feels when He waits for us. God really wants us coming to Him, but us, including me, spend very little time for God. We choose to prioritize our daily schedule, our own interest rather than God. I myself think that I put God on the, well I don’t know exactly where it put Him, maybe on the third, sixth or even tenth place, but not yet on the first, in my life priorities. But God is still waiting for me (Hosea 3:3-5) to leave everything and come to Him. Never he tired or bored when He’s waiting. It’s the opposite of my deeds. I waited for three hours and I got angry, but He’s waiting for the entire of my life and never gets tired.

You know, for me knowing it really makes me speechless. I can’t say or write anything more. I just fell grateful because God loves me so much, but in the same time I feel ashamed because I have done a lot horrible things. Anyway, I believe that He is God who loves me. He has forgiven me and will always forgive me.  But He also wants me to put Him on the first place in my life. Thanks God for Your love…