Learning from a game #2


Untitled-2.jpgThose were some screens from the game that I played. I captured them because I thought it was true. Often we thought other people were bad but we didn’t consider ourselves. When other people did some wicked things toward us and we avenged them by doing the same thing as they had done, I think it made us no different with them.

Perhaps it is unrealistic, but I agree that taking revenge will bring us into a never-ending chain of pain. You see that when we took revenge to someone, he would take revenge to us, then we would do it again. It would be repeated for many times until we were destroyed in the end. In order to end it, I believe we have to stop doing the bad thing to the people who hurt us. On the other hand, we should revenge his bad thing with our good one. It will set free our heart form any malice and maybe it can change him too.



When God answer the pray 13

God, where are you God? Where are you?

I’m here My son. What happened? Why are you crying?

God, you know. You know what happened. You know that I just ruined my exam. I ruined everything.

I do know…

Then, why didn’t You help me? Where were You? You know I got bad comments. When presenting my work, the professors criticized me. I’m done, God. I won’t pass this exam. However, You did nothing to help me. You kept silent and let them attacked me cruelly.

 My son, I did help you. When you get the topic that you had to make a presentation, you were really happy, weren’t you? I know you excel in it so I chose it for you.

Ok God. You are right about that part, but still I ruined it. You knew from beginning it would happen, did You? I know that You did it on purpose. Did You want me failed?

Of course not My son. Don’t be angry with me. I did everything for your sake. Didn’t you remember that you almost lost your chance to take the exam? It was Me that helped you. I let them gave you one more chance when some of your friends didn’t get the chance. For doing it, you even didn’t thank Me…

Ok God, I thank You. I admit You’re right…

About their critics, wasn’t it good for you? You knew what were you lacking at and you could improve yourself. I really did it on purpose. I wanted you to learn something.

I admit that I was not good. I was disappointed with myself and I wanted to blame it on someone. I knew what they had spoken was right. But still, I couldn’t accept it. No matter how much I learned, the fact that I ruined my exam would not change.

Stop judging yourself. Instead of weeping, you should be grateful for everything you have. You have had a chance to take the exam and you have got some critics which are good for improving yourself. About the result of your exam, trust it on Me. You don’t have any idea about what am I doing but keep complain on Me.

God, I’m sorry. I’m sorry because I don’t thank You. I forget to thank You… It just really shatters me. I’m done…

I’m not yet done even you are. I’ve did everything for you and I still do it. Don’t lose hope, my Son. Believe in Me and you will see what will I do to you.


Learning from a game ;)


Those are some scenes from Brave Story game. Never did I imagine to get these sentences from a game. You know, I was fail in my job recruitment and I blamed myself for it. If I have tried harder, maybe I would have got the job. Nevertheles, I can’t change the fact that I was fail.

I was mad at myself for sometime, but it wouldn’t get me better. It just made me tortured indeed. Finally, my friend told me that I had a choice to weep myself or to leave everything behind and take a step forward.  I know, it is not easy. At first, it was really hard for me to stop weeping myself, but in the end I chose to move on.

Sometimes I still feel sad for my failure, but on the other hand I have to convince myslef that everything will be ok. I believe everything happens for my sake. That’s why I have to continue my life with a big smile.


If you have seen this movie, there is a moment when Sadness touched happy memories, they will turn into sad memories. The memory is still same, it’s the emotion that comes out with it that changes.

It happens in real life. Happy memories in the past make you sad once you remember it. It’s mostly because it was actually beautiful, and you know it will never happen again because everything has changed.

Everything changes. Everybody changes. Friend is now a stranger. Families are on the other side. Lover is now the person you hate the most. Your beautiful dream into your worst nightmare.

The movie is for kids but it tells the dark truths. But we can only appreciate Joy if we already know Sadness, right?

NB: I copied it from a friend.