Hater… Today it was common to find that someone has a hater or haters. Some celebrities even have thousands of haters. The haters even have their own group and they always give a bad comment about the celebrity. I don’t have any idea why someone became a hater. Well, I myself had an experience becoming a hater. I used to hate my friend. The source of my hatred was I was disappointed in her. When we had group homework, she didn’t do her part yet always complained about our work. Well, I thought it was reasonable enough to make me didn’t want to be friend with her. But it was in the past.

When thinking about it, I asked myself, what was I looking for as being a hater? What did I get? Nothing. I got nothing for becoming a hater. Instead, I lost my happiness because I always thought how to get rid of her. I meant I didn’t want her be near me. The most annoying thing was she didn’t aware of my hatred toward her. She keep did her usual activity as if everything was ok. I once told her that I hated her acts, but innocently, she didn’t keep it on mind. At the end, I suffered because of my hatred but she didn’t feel anything. You see, there was no point of hating someone.

The other negative impact of hatred is it spreads. Once we hating someone, we would speak his bad only to the people around us. The longer we talked his badness, the people around us became hating him even at first they didn’t. At the end, we became the agent of hatred that destroy the relationships between the people surround us and him. We sacrificed them for nourishing our hatred. In my case, I got my friends hated her. At first, they just thought that she was annoying but later they hated her too.

From my experience, I learnt that hatred was not only consuming the object of my hatred, but also consuming me and my friends. My hatred destroyed all of us. I know it was easy to speak don’t hate but it’s really hard to implement it. However all of us have a choice, a choice to grow hatred or to let it go. Please make a wise choice..


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